Monday, June 20, 2011


I was at the Giant. It was about closing time. All the lights were out except one over the help desk and the light above my register. I started wandering through the aisles putting groceries back in their shelves. I remembered that there was a party later at Madeline's place. Then I got a text from Reece saying he was breaking up with me. I tried to call him, but of course he wasn't going to answer. He didn't answer any texts, he'd probably blocked my number. I started crying, which was bad because though it was almost closing we still had customers. I texted Madeline asking what I should do. She suggested I go to the party anyway. I said I couldn't, because I was too depressed. Around this point I fell down and couldn't move. I woke up, and started thinking about changing my relationship status on facebook and how the playgrounders would react. And wondering whether my father would "like" it. Then I realized I was awake, and Reece hadn't broken up with me.
Then I had a dream about spaceships that was far more interesting, but all I remember was being in a tight enclosed space, and being relieved that my bed had a wall on its left instead of its right.

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