Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The first part comes from what will happen Wednesday. The rest just took off.

I was in a building, some sort of school with a lot of rooms. I was there to take some tests. They told me I'd signed up to have the muscles in my right hand tested by this expert. But first they decided I was too short. I was worried I'd have to get surgery for leg extensions, but instead they fitted me for these stilts that screwed into the bottom of my feet. Other people were getting this done as well. The procedure was taking place behind the building, in someone's van. I was disturbed by the amount of rusty saws in the back of the van, but the person (I think it was a woman) laughed when I asked if my foot had to be cut off for this to work. It didn't, and I didn't feel pain at all, but I had these stilts sticking out of the bottoms of my feet. I had to wear special shoes to stabilize myself. These "shoes" were planks of wood with ropes on them, tying my false leg down, like a tent pole.
I was like "That's great." and took the things off immediately. I went back into the building, and found myself in a large hallway with windows on one side that took up most of the wall. It still looked kind of like the hallway of a school, the floors and wall and ceiling were all the sort of tile that they use, but it was massive. There was a line of people there to have their blood taken, I guess for donation. I stood in line and got my blood drawn. After they'd taken a few tubes of the stuff, I told them that it probably shouldn't be donated because of the medication I'm on.
I then went to have my hand tested on, what I was there for in the first place. The test was held in this small room with red carpet and beigey-yellow walls. A large square wooden conference table took up most of one side of the room. The other side had a projector and a screen. Some people sat at that end of the table and watched what was on the screen. I went to the other end to sit with this "expert" (a guy in a lab coat with crazy goggles, naturally) and one of my coworkers, also there for the test.
I watched him perform the test on my coworker first. I doodled. "You're Gonna Go Far Kid" by The Offspring was playing on the radio. The test seemed to involve a lot of needles and a sledgehammer. I was relieved when suddenly Erin appeared and told me we had to go. There was someone we had to catch. He'd stolen a bunch of scientific data from the experiment Erin had been doing, and he'd just driven off in a van. We took an RV from the parking lot and gave chase.
On the way we met this guy with a mustache and a foreign accent who had a vendetta against the guy we were chasing. Our thief had also stolen all of this guy's gold. I told him we'd help, and he joined our party. Turns out this guy had done some research, and knew that the thief was heading for the shore, and his big fancy boat. After looking at a map and discussing things (someone else was driving the vehicle) I asked Erin what data the guy had stolen. She told me it was classified.
We reached his boat, which was huge, it had 3 floors. I decided to search for the gold instead of for the data. I followed Mustache Guy down to the lowest level, which looked like the lobby of a fancy hotel. There was a waterfall fountain near the stairs, and hanging behind the waterfall were a bunch of garlands made of gold coins. I said "That must be your treasure! We've found it!" Mustache guy looked sad and said "Don't touch it. It's a trap. He knew I was coming and he laid a trap on my gold. If I take it, I will be stuck on this ship forever, as its captain, with no use for my gold, and he will be free to go."
Then music started playing, a song I didn't recognize. The lyrics were relevant to the end of this guy's story, but now I've forgotten them. I remember the song was in C# major.

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