Thursday, June 16, 2011

A rather dull dream within a dream within a dream.

I dreamed that I woke up in my sister's bedroom. I was sleeping in there because we had guests. They'd replaced the bathroom with a maze, which was a problem. Then I "woke up" again in my sister's room, found that the guests hadn't arrived yet and the bathroom was the same as usual. There weren't any stairs, though. Where the stairs downstairs should be was a wall, with a rocking chair leaned up against it. I sat on the rocking chair. My father asked me if I was having a seizure. I was confused as to why he was asking the question, but then I "woke up" again to find myself sitting in the rocking chair. It was daylight out, the windows in my sister's room were open and the lights in the hallway were off. I wondered how long I'd been asleep. I went into my room, checked my phone for the time, then put it in my pocket without registering what time it was. I left my room and the stairs had rematerialized, the rocking chair had disappeared. I went downstairs and made some toast.
Then I actually woke up.

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