Sunday, September 11, 2011

In which I meet the Avatar and almost drown.

Ok, so first, I had to find my parents. They were participating in some contest that involved hang-gliding and finding objects caught in a giant net. I was mad at my father for some reason. I found my mother, then together we hunted down my father. We all went to a house next to the beach. Everyone was doing what they usually do at the beach, getting drunk. Katie Ballard approached me and complained that the wine wasn't doing anything for her and asked for a shot of vodka. I told her to ask my parents, who of course said no. Satisfied that Katie wouldn't get drunk on our liquor, I went out to the beach.
Outside it was nighttime, and there was a full moon. I met 3 friends who were never named, but could only have been Aang, Sokka and Katara. Aang and Katara worked out some way for us non-benders to walk on water with them. It was really pretty cool. I got to climb over waves and everything, but the ocean was strangely still for the most part. I was wearing a bathing suit, so I was fine with falling in, which I did somewhat often. Sokka began to worry that if we got too far out we wouldn't be able to get back, so we went back to the shore. He then worked with Aang to devise a way for us to find our way back. They found a rope, a ridiculously long rope, and put a cushion of air about it. Using waterbending Aang sent it out into the ocean, just under the surface, stretching it straight from the beach out as far as the horizon. Then he set it on fire so there was a glowing orange line under the water stretching as far as the eye can see. We started walking along the water again.
Suddenly a giant wave comes toward us. Larger than any wave I've ever seen. I dive under it to avoid having it crash on my head. The other three do the same, two having apparently forgotten their waterbending abilities. Huge waves started coming from every direction, I kept diving and getting buffeted about. Suddenly everything was calm again. We'd lost our light. I lost the magic waterbent shoes or whatever that let me walk on water, out in the ocean where it was too deep to swim. I found Katara, who helped me out, and we went searching the dark ocean for Aang and Sokka. We deliberated about what had caused those giant waves. Eventually we decided it was a waterbender using the full moon to enhance his power. Or else it was the moon itself. Someone was upset that we'd used fire underwater. I had the brilliant idea of using the stars to find out which way to get back to the shore. The problem was we weren't really sure which ocean this was, whether to go west or east. I figured we must have been at Corolla, because that's where the beach always is, and this is my dream...
Upon thinking of that, I woke up.

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