Thursday, September 8, 2011

Photography class. With wizarding. And tea. And then Cribbage.

So, in this dream I was a wizard, but I'd gotten in trouble for using my magic so Erin made me promise to stop. This was hard for me because I was used to doing so many daily tasks with magic. I was kind of annoyed, but I didn't want Erin mad at me so I stopped.
I had to take this class with Ballard. It was a photography class, and I needed to bring my own camera. My camera is lame so I asked dad if I could borrow his new camera and he said yes. I met Ballard at the classroom. There were 2 boys in the class, the rest were all girls. None of them had cameras, so the professor wouldn't teach us anything. The girls sat at the other end of the table and started conversing about bra sizes. Andrew and I got bored, so we left. My camera was completely empty of pictures.
We exited the classroom and found ourselves in the mall. I wanted a warm drink, and we were closer to Teavana than Starbucks. I ordered some kind of coconut chai latte from the guy behind the counter. He was totally sketchy, he had a face you couldn't trust. A goatee and everything. I got my drink. While I was advising Andrew to try the free samples before deciding what to order, the guy asked me about my photography class. I asked him how he knew that's what we were doing in the mall. He pointed at the camera hanging around my neck. I told him it had no pictures in it. He said "Good" and snatched it off of my neck and ran for the door. Andrew tried to stop him leaving, but he froze Andrew with a weird purple magic, and shot some kind of spell at me. I jumped behind the counter to dodge. I wanted to use magic to attack him back, but I had promised Erin. But then the guy set the store on fire and I had to use magic to escape. I set Andrew free, then we ran back to my apartment.
I told Erin and Meredith about the guy. Erin was irritated with me for using magic. Mer pointed out that I'd lost my father's camera, and he was not going to be happy. I knew I was going to have to find this guy, and despite Erin's protests I was going to have to use magic. I teleported all 4 of us to old town. There was a version of Diagon Alley in old town, and I figured the guy would go there to sell my camera. Andrew said he'd probably sell it online. After walking for a while, I noticed that we were being followed by something dangerous. We had to run.

Then the dream changed and I was playing Cribbage with Meema. I got so many points on this one hand that I had to keep counting, and I found myself unable to wake up. I was on 163 when I woke up enough to check the clock and pull myself out of bed.

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