Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'm still curious about the brain pictures.

I was at Champs with Rachael, and we had a sort of fight, I started yelling at her. The waiter alerted the police when I threw a glass at his head. Rachael and I ran out of the restaurant without paying, and Rachael advises me to get out of the country to avoid trouble. I call my parents and tell them I’m staying over at Rachael’s for a few days, and then I get on a plane to Germany. I start thinking about accommodations, deciding that I can’t stay at the American base because then the police could find me.

This isn’t an ordinary plane; it actually looks more like a movie theater. The seats are arranged diagonally upward, away from the cockpit and the giant screen in the front. Almost every seat has its own little TV screen on the seat in front of it. I take an aisle seat by the window, next to this little old lady who looks like my grandmother. She talks to me about how she’s going on a trip to Georgia with a few of her bridge friends. I’m like “Georgia? Doesn’t this plane go to Germany?”

The plane lands in the airport in Georgia, and I skip the luggage nonsense and go down an escalator to leave. I didn’t have any suitcases to get, though I remember having to fight with a security person about my carryon, the green bag containing my needlepoint and my DS. I pass windows, and through them I see 2 huge skyscrapers, a glass building and a parking garage. At the bottom of the escalator, I meet Katie Ballard, who tells me she needs a ride to the hospital for a CAT scan or a heart problem or something. We get on a train and ride to the hospital. I decide to get an MRI. The dream skips the whole MRI scene and I’m standing at a counter to get my prints. It looks more like I’m getting photo prints from a drugstore than a hospital, but whatever. This fat guy with a mustache behind the counter hands me a few 2”x4” scans, not of my brain but of my whole body. Curiously enough though, the head is the only see-through part, and you can see that the parts they took out are missing. The guy looks at me suspiciously and asks if I really am getting this scan on my doctor’s orders. I of course tell him yes. He tells me that I should take those to my doctor, and I only need to pay for them if they’re any good. I leave without paying, since I was given the option of thinking they weren’t good. I find Katie again and we get on a train to go back to Ellicott City, stopping at Union Station in DC to change trains.

I get back to my house to find Rachael there. The cops are holding her and my grandmother hostage unless my parents make me come out of the house. My parents tell them I’m not there, but the cops don’t believe it until I walk up to their car and tell them to go away. They do eventually leave, after my parents come out and confront me about running away using very expensive transportation, and not paying for anything.

Another chase dream. With lots of lying, stealing and sneaking. Hm.

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