Friday, July 18, 2008


At the start of the dream, I was letting Ralph out in the evening, and into my house came the usual cloud of bugs. Along with the blue heron who lives in Centennial Park, and an ermine. Both animals run, for some reason, into the hall bathroom, which is bigger than it actually is. I open the door, the heron is up against the wall (possibly has to do with the painting of a heron that's been sitting against the wall in that room for eons) and the rodent is in the sink. Dad comes down the stairs and begins to yell at me for opening the door and letting these animals in, and I defend myself by pointing out that I needed to let Ralph out.Then, I open the door to the bathroom, and the hallway has turned into the lobby of a huge hotel. I go down a curvy flight of stairs, and wind up in this big hall, with a red carpet and a glass ceiling. There's a fountain, a few tables, and a big round stage. On the stage, Reilly and John are playing rock band. I beg to join in and they allow me to and it is fun. Meanwhile, at one of the tables, a group of people is talking about some bizarre prophecy. Apparently to achieve ultimate cosmic powers, three circles need to be stacked in the center of the hallway during a storm. I build a sandcastle that consists of three circles, and then I dump water on it. Instead of just becoming a shapeless blob like sand usually does, the castle caves in, and there's this echo in the hall. We decided that the prophecy wanted the table, fountain and stage, all of which were circular, to be stacked on top of each other. But there was no rain. So we decided instead that we wanted breakfast.Downstairs, just off the lobby of this hotel, was the brunch buffet of the American Arms Hotel in Wiesbaden, Germany. Upstairs is Seacobeck. My parents, who are there, want to go to seacobeck. We go to the American Arms brunch.

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