Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Terminator.

I was with this big group of people, all my friends from both college and high school, and we'd gone to see Spamalot. We were sitting in an auditorium and being lectured on how the play is incorrect both historically and in terms of literature. Meanwhile, me and Adrienne are being chased by the Terminator. I see Mel and Sheckells in the crowd, talking to each other. They wave at me. Suddenly the seats in the auditorium turn into bleachers, and we're outside. Adrienne leads me through this line of trees and down a stone staircase into a workshop. My high school art teacher is instructing us on how to make teddy bears and other stuffed animals. I'm building a water pistol under the table, because the Terminators are allergic to water. I give it a bayonet for some reason. I have to look like I'm making an animal or the teacher will fail me, so I have an unfinished dog on my table. A talking cat shows up, a cat who we learn is a very advanced robot made of the same material as the Terminator, but he's a good guy. Then we're confronted by a bad robot wielding a super soaker. He's shorter than me, around 4'9'', and he's wearing a felt fedora with a red feather and a bright orange shirt. I shoot him with my water pistol and he runs away.All through this dream my head is playing "The Song That Goes Like This" and "Find Your Grail." I wake up with "His Name Is Lancelot" in my head.

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