Tuesday, October 27, 2009

German literature.

We don't have a real German class today, we're going to be given an in-class assignment and we're allowed to use our texts and our dictionaries.
We were sitting in the classroom, waiting for our assignment. Well, I was waiting, everyone else seemed to be working on something. I asked what they were working on, and the one dude in the class showed me a sheet that he'd apparently given them that described a paper that was to be turned in today. I hurriedly started writing it down on notebook paper, hoping that would be alright. I manage to finish 2 pages before he's arrived to give us our in-class assignment. He comes in, collects our papers, but doesn't give us the assignment. He just remarks on how big my dictionary is and leaves. We wait another 20 minutes or so, we're all talking and complaining about this and the class in general, when Reece comes in to give us our assignment, which is a crossword puzzle about Metamorphosis.

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