Saturday, October 31, 2009

Zombie fun was planned for today, but rain ruins everything.

Madeline and I were at the mall food court, except it was really nice, like hard-wood floors and walls and candlelight, but it had the same crappy food. I wanted some cheap Chinese food, so I went to grab some from the same place Madeline had gotten hers. I ordered a cup of orange chicken, but the guy said they were out of orange chicken. They actually had no more Chinese food, and only had steak. Steak with feta cheese and tomatoes on it. But dammit, I wanted Chinese food. Madeline pointed out that there were 2 other cheap Chinese places in this mall, but I was already seated. Besides, we didn't have time, we had to go to a party.
There was some kind of festivities at St. Peter's. But then zombies attacked. So we escaped to someone's house. I ran into a closet to put on my zombie costume so I could pretend I was a zombie so they wouldn't bother me, but the closet I ran into had glass doors so everyone could see me changing anyway. I put on my costume and went outside. Mary Marguerite got a picture of me acting like a zombie.

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