Friday, October 30, 2009

SATs? Really?

I was walking down the path from Seaco to the mailroom with Meredith and some guys that I didn't recognize but were part of some sports team. One of the guys tripped on the stairs, fell down onto the sidewalk and broke his face. Like his jaw split in half. There were vicious seagulls around that would attack anyone with an open wound, so that guy was descended upon immediately. I had a small cut on my chest, though, so I was attacked by a seagull too.

Next dream I was at my house playing piano. My father came home and asked me about some schoolwork thing. My SAT scores were brought up for some reason, and he was like "You can do anything you put your mind to, why were yours lower than your sister's?!" and got all mad. "I should take that nice laptop I bought you away from you!" I replied "Ugh, Dad, sometime I just want to - ". The parents thought I was threatening them and got even more angry. Mom said "Don't you threaten your father!" I wasn't threatening them. I explained that I was going to say something about breaking my cheap laptop in half just to spite them. My laptop is not cheap, btw, the laptop in the dream was a small black thing that looked like a plastic toy. The parents locked me in my room and left the house.
Meanwhile, Madeline was having a party downstairs. I could hear them in the kitchen, the only guest I can remember is Greg, but you know, the whole crowd was there. After a bit Madeline came upstairs and unlocked my door, and graciously offered to drive me somewhere. I declined, as I had just gotten a call from Mrs. Dale asking if I was available to babysit.
So I went over there, but there were like 20 kids. I had Meredith come to pick me up in that car that she has, because she totally has her license, and we went to a park. We left the kids on the playground and went exploring in the woods and along a small creek. After a bit of that we came across a small theater and went in. The inside looked kind of like the lobby of the Dorsey Medical Center combined with Dodd Auditorium. We found that the show playing was the Rocky Horror Picture Show. We took seats in the front row, next to my lab partners from first semester biology last fall. I complained about these seating arrangements for a while, Meredith argued with me, then I told her I'd been attacked by a seagull, then I woke up.

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