Tuesday, October 13, 2009

White floor and sea-green walls. Like the color scheme of Mom and Dad's mac.

Ok, so we were making a movie of a book, but we were having lots of problems with equipment, and whenever I was done animating something happened that would delete at least some of my progress. This was very frustrating. After many mysterious clues, included a cardboard sign with the word "FISH" on it in big letters, and finding a Ken doll on the stairs, we solved the mystery. Turns there was this actor that kept sabotaging our set because he didn't get the lead role. The director, a very small and loud man with squeaking voice and a huge mustache, was shouting about how he wasn't surprised.
We went to the man's house for more evidence. But he lived right above the apartment I lived in. Our apartment was very interesting. All of the walls were a sea green color, and instead of a small cluster of rooms it was a straight line of rooms and hallways that took up one side of the building. The last room was mine, it was a little smaller than the others and had a white carpet, a white lofted bed in the corner and a HUGE computer with a tablet and nice sound equipment. I saw that my cell was on my bed and put it in my pocket and began to work on my animation. A few minutes later I heard loud and angry parents enter the main room shouting about cell phones. I took a look at my phone and noticed it was on "alarm only". I'd missed 3 calls, 2 from each of my parents and one from the Cerwonkas, of all people. As I looked at it I saw a notification on the screen, like the one I'd get if someone had sent me a picture message, except instead of a circle and the word "connecting", it was a picture of a churning ocean and the words "preparing to land." Then I was on a wooden boat with a stereotypical bearded fisherman in a yellow rubber jacket.
Then I woke up.

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