Sunday, January 31, 2010


I was in another room I don't recognize from life but can't adequately describe... there were stairs leading down and no windows, so it must have been a basement. The ceiling and floor were white, the walls were a seafoam green like those hallways at Centennial. There was a number of people on the floor above me. I decided to not go up as these were people I didn't want to talk to. But they came down to the basement eventually. I was shunted off to a side room, where I found that my father had bought an iPad. I started mocking him for it, saying it was just an oversized iPhone and such, and he got angry at me for telling him what he should and should not purchase. Reece showed up, and we went back to the side room. This woman comes in a while later and tells us that my mother wants to take Reece clothes shopping and we need to go see Avatar again before it leaves theaters, and we had to go see it in 3d.
So we went off to the mall. Mom had no idea where to buy a 22-year-old male clothes, so we wandered around. Reece had no thought on the matter for some reason. I jokingly said we could take him to Forever 21 and he gave me a look of "I will never talk to you again."
Then we go to the theater to see Avatar in 3d. The movie changed a lot since I saw it in 2d. This time the blue space elves were pink and green, the floating islands were still there but they were over an ocean, and the main characters were not marines with their heads inside a machine but 4 dragons, all of which looked like Charizard in different colors. Their team of wacky misfits featured a seagull and a penguin, both of which fell into the ocean never to be seen again. When they did, since the movie was in 3d, the splash of water flew out of the screen, and there was a swarm of bees at one point (go figure).
We exited the movie and Reece gave me a look of "I will never let you take me to a movie again."

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...I'd probably watch that movie.