Sunday, March 14, 2010

Stupid lost hour.

I was in Seacobeck with Ballard, eating some cake. The Handel piece from the end of There Will Be Blood came on the radio, and I started tapping on the table to the rhythm as I am wont to do. Some chicks sitting at the table across from us told me to stop, but I told them the song had to finish first. When I got up to put my dishes away, the girls called the authorities and I had to hide. I found a circular cupboard in the wall that had a door similar to a porthole. I squeezed myself inside. There was a combination lock on the inside, so I locked myself in, and the authorities passed me by.
Then I woke up at 9, which felt like 8, and turned over and fell back asleep.
We went to visit the home of my parents' friends, who were having some kind of party.
Madeline wanted to cook something, but hadn't the ingredients. I stripped and remade the bed in the room I was staying in because the amount of dirt on the sheets was truly extraordinary.
We were going on some sort of excursion. Mom was putting stuff in suitcases, but not the big ones she used when we took the trip here, so I assumed we weren't going home. We got on wagons pulled by horses, that had seats like buses. I was sitting with Madeline and some guy who looked like Gregor from the movie we watched in German class. I said to Gregor "I left some of my stuff at the house, that's ok right?" and Gregor was like "Well only if you don't want that stuff anymore." I told mom, who was in the row in front of me, and she sighed exasperatedly and asked what the hell I was thinking, leaving stuff at their house. I told her Madeline hadn't packed either because she was busy reading Blood Rites and then I woke up.

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