Friday, March 12, 2010

Probably inspired by Union Station.

CPSC106 was meeting in the back room of a bookstore in a mall. Along with the usual students was a rather large group of children, ranging from ages 5 to 9. I don't remember what we talked about.
Next I had to go to this diner to meet with my German class. It was in a hotel, that was under the mall. I had to go down like 30 escalators, through a train station, and help some of the aforementioned children find the train they needed to take. I made it to the diner to find it entirely empty. It didn't look very much like a diner, it had one booth in that 50s diner style that might hold 9 people, and the rest of the room resembled a broom closet. There was one bathroom that I had to use, but the top half of its door was missing, like a bathroom in a daycare center. This made it awkward when people started passing by to get to the table.
Then when I left the class, I found that it was dreary and cold outside. Beyond dreary and cold, the ground was almost entirely ice. Yet members of my German class (who looked nothing like the real members of my German class) were skateboarding down the hill. The street I was on looked like Century drive. I fell and ended up sliding to the bottom of the hill. I met my mom, and she told me I needed to put on nice clothes because we had to leave for some event.

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