Saturday, March 13, 2010

Another one with bits and pieces.

There were some kind of festivities going on at my house. I only remember a few parts.
I was wearing my blue sundress despite the fact that it was really cold. The building we were in looked kind of like the staff dining room on the inside, and one of the Centennial park pavilions on the outside. There was a pool, I walked around it to get a drink, then I mingled a bit. I met my cousin by a picnic table, he looked kind of like cousin Harry but he was not, he was a very distant cousin who knew much less about me than I thought he would. We talked about school.
I went back inside and found Erin. My uncle Bob had instructed Erin to draw a comic based on the Dresden Files. I told her that she'd drawn Harry's faerie Godmother incorrectly. She told me that I could draw my own comic.
Then I found the table where the food was. I got a sandwich with bacon in it. Some chick I didn't know sat down next to me and told me how weird it was that I didn't eat meat, even though I was sitting there eating a sandwich with bacon in it.

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