Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Harry Dresden and Gunnerkrigg Court

I was being framed for stealing a bunch of money from the government and giving it to Russian terrorists. I'd also "stolen" money from various celebrities as well, since I kept getting calls from them. The only one I remember is Lady Gaga. Some of them offered jobs so I could work off my debt. I had to prove myself innocent and catch the bad guy, so I got the help of Antimony from Gunnerkrigg Court, and Harry Dresden and his apprentice Molly from The Dresden Files.
I can't remember too many details, but I had a blinker stone that I couldn't remember how to use, I borrowed Molly's protective jewelry, and I wanted a magic staff so I made one out of a hockey stick. Similarly to the TV show, I suppose. My mother was trying to help me make a deal with the government. Oh, and Prof Merrill was one of the evil govt agents out to get me.

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