Tuesday, August 3, 2010

As I type this, my desire for breakfast increases.

There was a girl haunting a park I was at. The playground equipment was incredibly high up, and she'd fallen to her death. The girl's voice taunted me until I saved a bunch of people from the same fate. I went to talk to her. I was the only one who could hear her, so my family thought I was crazy. I missed breakfast with my family because I was talking to her, but then I went out to lunch with friends.
It was Mel, David, Sheckells and I at the Spotsylvania mall. We wanted to get lunch. Sheckells insisted on ordering pizzas, 4 of them. I pointed out that there was a pizza hut right there in the mall, so there was no reason to call them, but Sheckells did anyway. We waited at the counter for our pizzas, but they were taking too long, so we jumped over the counter and went back into the kitchen. The kitchen looked kind of like the bio labs in Jepson, except there was an oven, and every table had at least 5 pre-made pizzas on it. These pizzas were all square and flat crusted, not what we wanted. The people in the kitchen were pretty mad at us for being back there, but since we'd called ahead they couldn't kick us out. I complained at them until they made us some proper round pizzas like the ones on the sign outside.

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