Friday, September 17, 2010

Can't sleep.

I had trouble sleeping last night, so when I finally dozed off 5 minutes after my alarm rang, my dream was about that.
In the dream, I stopped trying to sleep and went out into the kitchen to get a cup of water. When I turned on the faucet, the fire sprinkler on the kitchen ceiling (that is not actually there) went off. My cup was suddenly on the floor directly under the sprinkler, where the heaviest stream was.
I was trapped at the sink, so I yelled to Matt to fix this problem. He groaned from the hallway that he'd shown me how to use the faucet last week, but he wasn't expecting that the sprinkler had turned on. He started grumbling about how his fellow students ruin everything when suddenly the fire alarm was activated and we all had to leave.
My alarm rang, I turned over and continued dozing.
Once again I left my room and went to the kitchen, but there was a sign blocking my way. The sign looked like the ones from Seacobeck, and it warned me to stay out of the kitchen. One of the sodexho people stepped out of the kitchen to explain to me that the pinhole in our kitchen wall was a doorway to another dimension, and they had to fix it or the people over there would keep spying on us. I should explain here that in the apartment during summer school there was a tack in the kitchen wall plugging up a tiny hole that Mer and I joked was a camera. It is not in this apartment.

Then I put on my roller blades and went to class. As I was skating home from class I ran into Adrienne and Stephanie. It suddenly started pouring, so we took refuge under the bell tower until it stopped, and discussed our classes. Once it stopped I kept skating back to the apartment, but when I entered the complex I noticed that it was full of horse trailers. My apartment had turned into Moonie's barn, and my mother was there brushing him. She asked me how I got there. I explained that this was where I live, and she explained that the UMW apartments were moved 2 blocks down the street.

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