Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Prison seems like an overreaction.

Allison and I were grocery shopping at Wegmans and talking about classes. I made a bad joke about one of my teachers, and Allison laughed. I turned around and saw that the teacher was in line behind me. She gave me a look, then pressed a button on her cell phone. Police officers came and arrested me and Allison. We were taken to a judge and sentenced to a month in prison. The prison happened to be just around the corner from Wegmans.
The prison hallway basically looked like the basement of Randolph, except with doors on both sides and everything was made of concrete. My cell was the last door on the right, Allison's was the first on the left.
I went into my cell and was quite surprised to find that it was about as big as my apartment. The walls and floor were the same grimy concrete as the hallway, but I had a queen-sized bed up on a platform, a television, a bookshelf, and a minibar. There was art on the walls. A barred window on the far side of the room led outside, and another on the back wall led to another person's cell. I looked through the window and saw that my neighbor was a dude. His cell was much more standard, 9x9 with a toilet and a bed. He was on a cell phone and wouldn't stop laughing. I asked him why my cell was so fancy, he shrugged his shoulders and ignored me.
I looked underneath my bed and saw an ant the size of my big toe. I kept myself from yelling and found something to squish it with. When I did, I heard a loud growling shriek like a jaguar and woke up.
Fell back asleep and in the next dream I'd been let out of prison, sort of. I was taken to school in a prisoner carriage pulled by black horses. I had bright red shackles around my wrists. I met Reece at my apartment and he was disappointed because I'd missed most of the time he had to visit me.

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