Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pretty sunrise is pretty

I went to bed thinking "Meredith's going to be disappointed, because I'm not going to have an interesting dream." And lo, I did have an interesting dream!
We were in my room, talking of Easter clothes, I go into my closet and find 3 pastel-colored collared shirts, and I'm like "Where did these come from?" I notice a bunch more clothes that aren't mine. The closet is filled with Erin's organizational materials, all piled on top of my lack-or-organization. Erin says "I switched closets! Move your stuff!"and I was like "Whaaaaaaat? No!"
I went walking on campus walk with Meredithface, and as we passed ball circle we looked over at what should be Chandler, but instead of ball circle it was this vast expanse of perfect green grass, with a mountain range in the distance. There was a particularly large mountain in the center, and in front of it but much closer to us was a little temple-looking thing. The sun was rising, and I looked at the clouds and the mountain and said to Meredith "Look how artistic this is! See how the pink and purple clouds are shaped like smoke, rising from that large mountain! Pretty!" Meredith was like "Eh, not that pretty." and I was surprised. "Let's investigate!" said I, and we went off across the grass.
We approach the temple, and it turns into a shaded rest-stop-ish area. Behind the temple is a parking lot, Andrew Ballard is there with his car. He has to drive us somewhere, so we get in the car and drive off to meet my parents. They are at a different picnic place thing. There is macaroni and cheese with hot dogs in it. And my sister is making some kind of squash soup stuff.
THEN we are in Randolph 2nd floor lounge, and I have a coloring book. I draw a couch. And a devil on my shoulder wearing a baseball cap says "Would they ever let you sit in a couch?!" and I'm like "No." v_v So then I erase it and draw a chair instead.
Then I wake up and wait for 2 hours to type this!

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