Thursday, February 19, 2009

Disney characters.

Ok, I was in a stereotypical stone castle next to the ocean. I was trapped by the evil stepmother from Cinderella, but a castle guard on the roof helped me escape using Santa's reindeer. I could feel her evil red-eyed gaze from the window as I flew off, and the narrator said something like "The evil stepmother wanted Emily's magic reindeer for herself." So Lady Tremaine captured Gaston and was torturing him with electricity. She sends me a picture of this happening, and I'm like OH NOES. I'm acting more like Belle would towards the Beast actually, less like I would towards Gaston, who is a creep. But anyway, I try to rescue the guy.
Suddenly I'm down on the beach, there is this huge party going on. Like, one tent has a movie theater in it. I go in and meet a girl a little older than me and her 2 children. Something happens, and we have to rescue her children when they almost drown in the ocean. Using an aircraft carrier. My father's half of the family is there, after this happens, and we're at a long table enjoying this spread of food. Makes me really want a good sandwich just thinking about it. They start talking about my GPA, and this guy from school who they say's been distracting me too much. Also I've been telling them about this insect that this guy showed me, and they don't think it exists. The bug, called a loopy bug, looks and acts like the cockroach from Wall-E, but if you pull on its wings right the bug will flatten out into a sheet of paper, about as stiff as aida needlework fabric. I've been using this one sheet for my lab work in biology. I go get it from my backpack, which is just down the table next to Adrienne. I ask her if she's sure it's alright that I've been doing lab work on a separate sheet of paper, and she says that's fine. I take the paper back over to my family, curl it up and it turns back into the loopy bug. The bug runs around the table happily and sits on my shoulder, like the cockroach from Wall-E. My parents are fascinated. I show them again and again that it is not a trick. In a Beauty and the Beast-esque sequence, they decide to kill the insect. I run back into the castle, up to the roof where the guard from the first act is. He tells me to be careful to not make the loopy bug unhappy. to my room, which looks exactly like my room at home except there is a desk where the bed is. I sit at this desk, force the bug back into a sheet of paper and start taking notes on him. He doesn't appreciate that, and manages to pop back into an insect. I turn him back once more, and he pops back, over and over again, and each time he gets more spikes on his wings and angrier. At last he stays as a sheet of paper, but there are thorns around the edge, and they get bigger and bigger until I'm trapped in my room.
Then I wake up.

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