Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ever seen Dark City? The lighting was like that.

I was at summer school with Meredith, we were showing a new person around who had never been to UMW before. The buildings were completely different, and much larger. I was discussing with Meredith about how the new chick would love it here and we should assimilate her into our group. A short, fat and blond woman came up to us and said "You have to see this!" We followed her and she showed us two rooms. "This room is light and good!" It was huge, a large window let in a lot of sunlight, there was a wheel on the wall and a mirror in the corner. The adjoining room was a room of "darkness and evil", which looked similar to the other one except the window let in less light and it was grey and dark. The woman took me aside, over to the mirror. The mirror was a foot or so taller than me and as wide as a car is long. She said "There is a ball behind this mirror. Try to break it." I complied. Though the mirror was attached to the wall, I was able to bend it forward and it fell back onto the ball, which cracked like an egg. The woman shattered like glass. Meredith came up to me and said with a frustrated sigh "Jesus, Emily, didn't you kill a teacher last summer too?" (Fyi, I didn't.) In the dream, however, I agreed and said "Yeah! This place must be cursed or something!"
I woke up slightly, Erin was moving around, but then I went back to sleep.
I was in a smaller room that was similarly lit to the dark and evil room. It actually looked like the 2nd floor kitchen, except instead of a sink there was a window. A guy in a leather jacket with long black hair came up to me and said that they needed me for something. He instructed me to go to the window. "You see that little horse down there? He needs you to find him some divorce papers, his parents are driving him nuts." I went upstairs and into an office, rummaged through the drawers, but I couldn't find the papers he wanted. I went back to the window and told the horse this. The horse then melted into a puddle of black liquid. The liquid shot up and through the window and landed in the sink. It was sort of stringy, sticky liquid, like a bunch of unevenly distributed Elmer's glue. It moved around in the sink like it was alive. "Well, now you've done it." said the guy in the jacket. "Um, I've got to go to class." said I.
I woke up slightly, Erin was zipping up her backpack, but then I was back.
The room that looked like the randolph kitchen before now looked like an old bathroom. Again, all grey light coming through the window and dark. The liquid was now sitting in a rusty bathtub, and the guy with black hair was poking it. It stuck to the stick. It then climbed up the stick and was sucked into the guy. I was shocked, but then it shot out of him and into me. Leather Jacket Guy fell to the ground. An old man came up behind me and said "Go to sleep." I did, in the story of this dream, and when I woke up there was sun coming through the window. Turns out the dude with the leather jacket is a prince and this old guy is a king. I ask the old guy "So, does this black stuff give me powers or something?" He said "No, it's going to give my son powers." I'm surprised to notice that he has a quantity of the stuff on a paper towel. He says something about the horse being annoyed that I couldn't find the papers. I think this is a load of BS, and tell him so. "It jumped into me."
"Ah, but I took it out."
"But I should still have some in me!" I'm making shit up I suppose.
Then my alarm goes off and I wake up for realz.

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