Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It was math class I swear.

So, Erin's asshole art teacher, who looked like Herr Kords the asshole German teacher, was for some reason teaching my math class. The room we were in looked a lot like the chorus room of my middle school, except with a big wooden table in the center like you would find in an art building. Instead of a take-home quiz, we had to build out of clay one of those candle holders that are sculptures with holes in them, so you put the candle inside and the light comes through the holes. He had made one that looked like a rampant lion, and it was very cool. I was just going to build a box. After class I went out into the woods with Erin and Allison as she looked for things to sketch. Allison was pointing out interesting pieces of wood for Erin to draw, and Erin was wondering why I wasn't doing my work. >.>
Went back to class, which looked like Trinkle b36 again.. I sat down and as I sat down my pocket pressed the play button on my phone and in the middle of class it started playing "Total Eclipse of the Heart". Everyone turned to look at me, I took my phone out of my pocket and tried to stop the music. I opened the phone, but it kept playing, instead of the screen saying "Music available in horizontal mode." I pressed End to turn off the phone, the screen went black, but it kept playing. The music changed to Erik Satie. I took the phone out of the classroom and it stopped playing. I returned, the room had changed back to the chorus room and the professor was talking about our next project.
We had to write a paper. And this paper had to have advertisements, so he would get money. Somehow that worked. >=/ I was like "What about our other project? I never finished." After class I was walking around the halls of Burleigh Manor Middle School, talking to Meredith about this dumbass project, saying "I need to ask him, do I need real ads for paying businesses or can I use advertisements for, for example, your website?" Real Meredith would probably have been offended by that statement. Dream Meredith just said "Talk to the professor." Next class I did so, and he said "Advertise any damn thing." I was pleased, because it meant I could advertise for Meredith. I glanced at the rampant lion lamp as I left. I took another walk in the woods with Erin, speaking to her about the project, and she also told me to talk to the professor, and "Remember that we have that ceramics project to do." I kicked a tree in frustration and I woke up.

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