Sunday, February 15, 2009

Orange Juice = good for you!

Ok, this was crazy.
I had two dreams last night. In the first, I was hit by lightening while I was drinking orange juice, and turned into some kind of uber-powerful orange juice golem thing, except I was free-willed for the most part. The only person who could order me around was my lab partner, Erin Kenderish, and she thought it was a bad idea to do so. I had epic-level stats though, and was about to defeat Xykon when I woke up. :smallconfused:
In the second, I was trying to get to my math class to turn in my test, but I was in a city instead of on campus. The architecture looked the same, and all of the buildings were made of bring. But instead of going right out my door to Trinkle hall I went through 3 alleyways and into a strange building that had hallways similar to Pollard, and at the same time resembled my high school. So I went to the math hallway of my high school, but I couldn't find my classroom. The only people around were doctors, so I guess I was in a hospital. I turned around and went to the school cafeteria, which was serving Seaco food. I ran into more people a vaguely recognized as my high school teachers, and someone I think was my science teacher at Heinerberg middle school. Down a few more hallways and through some more doors/alleyways, I found myself at the top of the stairway in Woodard Campus Center. Then I woke up fo' realz.

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