Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A dweem wiffin a dweem!

I was on this ship, babysitting a bunch of children I didn't know. We sat on the deck, looking at the moon on the ocean and everyone was talking pictures. We went inside the boat and entered this greenhouse-ish interior, with plants everywhere. I went over to the pot that contained Prickly Jeff, but the cactus had turned into this jellyfish-like carnivorous plant that proceeded to latch onto the face of one of my charges. The kid ran outside and onto the deck, which suddenly was MUCH wider and had a hedge maze, filled with giant white flowers. I chased the kid through the maze and pulled the thing off his face. I ran back into the ship to show the thing to Erin in case she had an answer as to what could have happened. Then I woke up.
I went to tell my mother about my dream, and she was like "That's nice, Emily, you should get your head checked." I walked out of the room and entered this wood shop place, where many of my high school friends were congregating. There was some kind of huge party going on encompassing this entire building, which I understood to be very large though I only ever saw three rooms. Anyway, in this wood shop someone was drawing on people and sending them to the next room to get real tattoos. Mel got one, so did Rachael, and they bugged me to get one. I got in line, but was unsure what to get. I started jotting ideas down. I placed my fist on the table, and the next thing I know this girl is writing "Weiter als du denkst" on my hand along the side between my forefinger and my thumb. I was like "Wait, no, I want the "Bis zum bitteren ende" logo from the Die Toten Hosen album!" but it was too late. She directed me to the other room, and vanished into thin air. Everyone was confused, because suddenly no one knew who she was or why I was talking to the air, except Mel and Rachael. They looked at my hand and said "Wow, how boring." I responded "Well, she didn't listen to my real idea!"
People started looking for the tattoo ghost. I picked up this circular cardboard tube with nails in it and set both ends on my eyes as if I thought the ghost would be in there.
Then I turned over, realized it was 10:14 and I really should be getting up.

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