Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Feeling sleepy, feeling slow

Meredith and I were at a hospital, no, at something that looked like a hospital. We had yellow backpacks filled with art supplies, and on entering one of the clinic rooms we found the apartment we lived in, complete with roommate we barely knew. An art professor was there, teaching us how to draw Rhodesian Ridgebacks. I of course started drawing very cartoony dogs, while Meredith was drawing crazy-realistic, along with other people ('cause now there were other people). My dog suddenly came to life on the paper, it's paws and front legs stretched off of the paper, still 2d but strong, reminded me of the plastic creatures from the first episode of Doctor Who. The dog's legs started wrapping around people, tripping them up, suffocating them and other unpleasant things, but we got it to stop by putting it in a heavy frame. It was only a temporary fix, so we got everyone out of the room and locked the door.
Back outside in the hallway, more doors to clinic rooms were opened and many many people were milling about. There was a Freezepop concert outside, one of the last before The Duke leaves the band. I went outside with Meredith, found my family out there and sat with them. We were on a high level of a football stadium, and the concert was down at the bottom. They were playing "Here Comes A Special Boy" when I got there. I realized I didn't have my camera, but it was just inside, in my apartment. My sister rolled her eyes and said "Just go get it." I didn't want to miss a second of the concert, but I went anyway, since Here Comes A Special Boy" is not my favorite by them.
I ran through the hospital hallway, through a door and down some stairs, ended up in a library. I jumped over some piles of books and hit the down button, which was right next to a big red button marked "DO NOT PUSH." An old lady was going down to the 4th floor, I was going down to the 2nd. She talked to me a bit about the building we were in, I wasn't paying much attention. I got to the 2nd floor, ran out of the library and back into the hospital-esque hallways, and pulled open the door to my apartment. I found my camera pretty quickly, but then the dog drawing with arms tried to attack me. I convinced it that I was it's master because I drew it, and I put it back in it's frame. Roommate-we-don't-know thanked me and told me to hurry or I'd miss the concert.
I took the camera back out, the door to our section was somehow RIGHT OUTSIDE my apartment, despite the fact that I started on the other side of the building before. I sat down next to my sister and found that they were just starting to introduce the band members. I turned the camera on immediately to catch it. My sister kept asking me about the dog drawing lesson and whether I'd gotten a job and was I getting this on camera and I was like "Please shut up I don't want to talk where the camera can hear me and I can hardly hear Liz speaking." Madeline didn't take that particularly well, so I moved to a different seat, still taping the talking. They began playing "Lazy" right after I'd moved, I realized I'd missed completely what they were actually saying, but at least I got it on tape. Appropriately for the song they were playing, I woke up reluctantly to my sister noisily getting ready.

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