Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ok, I was just a spectator for this part, but this guy who looked kinda like Principal Skinner and his skinny chick accomplice had just murdered this blond girl. They sucked all her organs out and sold them, then like vacuum-packed the body, put it inside a duffel bag and hid from the police. Then I was in a car with Meredith and Erin and we were chasing after them. They were in a van, we were in a convertible jeep. We passed a building with a glass top that was lit, and the furniture inside was clear from the road. We were very far away, so that was unusual. When we got closer, I saw that the furniture and furniture arrangement resembled that of my living room. We went into the building, ran up like 60 floors of stairs to get to the top. Skinner and Chick were hiding the body on the 40th or so floor, but I wanted to see the room on top. My family was indeed sitting in the room up top, watching television and being annoyed at the amount of Michael Jackson coverage. I told them that a body was being hidden in their building, but they were like "Not a problem." So we played cards. Then I woke up.

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