Friday, June 19, 2009

I suspect Harry Potter appeared because of my head wound.

So, not only were the Forest Diner and Forest Motel being knocked down, so was the Double T, and the building next to that, for office complexes. Now EVERYONE was completely outraged and showed up to protest. It was my family and the Ashland crowd. The Double T turned into this big red castle thing, it kind of looked like a hotel. There was a big crane with a wrecking ball. In a Gilgamesh Wulfenbach kind of way, I announced that we were going into the building and they could not destroy it if we were inside. The construction workers obviously didn't hear me, because we had to avoid the sides of the castle with the wrecking ball. And we weren't completely successful, as it hit a wall right over us and I suffered a small injury to the head.
As we ran around, I discovered more and more secret passages in this old building, and showed them to my sister.
Suddenly we weren't in the old building, but in our house. It wasn't our house, though, and it was still being wrecked. All of the rooms were out of order. And the strangest part was that now I was with Harry Potter, Ron and Hermione, and my parents and sister were still there. We were grabbing all of our stuff, hurriedly packing and moving while the house was collapsing around us. My mom thought it all-important that I grabbed bluebaby while upstairs, which I did, but my sister got angry 'cause I didn't grab her little computer while I was up there. The Harry Potter crew was all panicked 'cause Harry couldn't find Hedwig, then he remembered he'd sent a letter to Sirius earlier. I grabbed a box of Christmas ornaments, topped with bluebaby, before running out into the dirt-covered construction site, then I woke up.

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