Wednesday, July 1, 2009

[insert clever title here] *yawn*

There was a party, on a playground. Not just any playground, the one I went to with Mel and Sheckells and David and Axel that one time. Except instead of that bouncy rubber surface the ground was mulched. And there was no parking lot, the park was surrounded by trees. And it was evening. There were a bunch of kids on the playground equipment, so I went and sat with the adults. There was food, and Doug (talking dog from Up) also was there. One woman had to go to the bathroom, but there were no public restrooms here. My aunt said the place to go would be the stream. I didn't know what stream she was talking about, but I looked down a hill on the side of the playground and saw a small stream. The hill was steep and covered with rocks, but I ventured down it anyway, wishing more than ever that I had the ability to just pee off the side of the hill. I slipped and fell, Doug yelled "OH NO!", but I grabbed onto a branch of a tree I fell past. Now I was at the bottom of the hill, but the stream was so cold that I said "Forget about it." and looked around. I saw some pipes sucking water out of the stream, which was why it was so small and the sides were so steep.
I followed the pipes and found that they were irrigating a field. This field did have the rubbery surface of a playground. They were growing large red robots. Some chick who looked like Tsukiko from Order Of The Stick had a clipboard and was examining the "plants". Another chick ran up to her and said "You have to abort the project! If these robots hatch we will be in terrible danger!" Tsukiko chick ignored her. Nameless chick was nameless, so for this description I will call her Sally. Sally ran up to me and said "You have to help me sabotage this, these robots are dangerous! These ones (she pointed at a particular patch) are shaped like giant bugs that will destroy everything in their path!"
"What about these ones?" I pointed at another patch of flowers shaped like smilies.
"Oh those are what the robots are supposed to be like, big and square and friendly. But these people (she glared at Tsukiko) planted different plants and they will doom us all! It's just like that one incident in Harry Potter!"
I remembered that incident in the dream, but now that I think on it I can't remember a situation at all like this in Harry Potter.
There were some more adventures dealing with stopping the robot farm, but I can't remember them.

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