Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I get violent when my piano's in danger.

There was some kind of ceremony going on, me and the entire student body of UMW were lined up in this gigantic hall. Oh and Aragorn and Elrond were about 5 people up from me, chatting. A procession is happening, with groups of all kinds of important people walking past us. One of these groups included Legolas and Galadriel. Elrond yells something in Elvish at them, similar to "Yo wassup my homies!" and they start talking animatedly in Elvish. Aragorn is like "Woah, don't start speaking your fancy code and leaving me out." I wonder confusedly what happened to Aragorn's ability to speak Elvish before turning back towards the procession. The Elves are holding up the procession and another group has stopped right in front of me. Everyone in my vicinity has turned to face their chairs and is kneeling because some queen was supposed to be in this group but wasn't there so we had to bow to our chairs. But I realized the queen was right there, the old lady in front of me, so I spun around and bowed to her. She smiled and said "You're not supposed to know." and kept walking. When the big ceremony ended and the crowd dispersed, my sister stared at me mortified. "You weren't supposed to do that!"
Meanwhile, we were supposed to be moving into our new rooms, but we had been interrupted by the arrivals of famous people. So my stuff, my duffel bag, piano, and a few boxes, was stacked behind my chair. I followed some people I knew to the refreshments tables, leaving it there, thinking "Honor code yay!" But then while I walked out, some chicks who I'd heard planning to go shopping but lamenting their lack of money saw my unguarded stuff and were like "Ooo, free stuff!" I went back and beat them up with an umbrella. I advanced towards the refreshments tables, except now instead of tables it was just a candy and ice cream shop. I found Meredith poking around the candies and said "Yo, some chicks tried to steal my stuff!" She said absently "Did you beat them up?"
But then I saw them coming through the door with my piano, so I chased them out and beat them up again.

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