Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I read the 5th Dresden Files yesterday.

I was in my church with Harry Dresden. I had to serve at the alter. While up there, Nicodemus (demon guy from the 5th book) appeared and scared everybody off. He was there for me, though, and he really wanted to expell me from school, so he started shouting and threatening me and beating me up and everything. He gives me to Deirdre, and she takes me out of the chapel and ties me up outside. I use mad ninja skills to escape, and Erin O'Neal, who was sitting by Kirk's office and messaging Nicodemus over facebook, was like "HAHA she escaped!" at him.
Meanwhile, Harry Dresden got into a big fight with Katherine over some stupid activity she had planned for him and how dangerous it was or something. Mary Marguerite was chilling outside the youth group room, and she had a laptop, and was making a list for something. Harry did his wind trick and made the laptop levitate, and MM was grumbling "I'll veras servitas you." Then Harry started making us pancakes with strawberries right there outside the bathrooms in the basement of the church. The pancakes looked more like donuts, and I told him he should try waffles instead.
Then I remembered I had to take care of the children. We had to deliver an artifact to a poor village off in the woods. But there were two villages, one of them was the right one and the other one was totally sketch. All of the kids go off obediently towards the right village, except one kid who demands that we go to the sketch village, which was filled with hustlers and unpleasant folk. There was a big sign outside a tent that said "FREE CANDY IN HERE" so the kid went towards that. I followed him into the tent and found a cafeteria-type place with a bunch of fried foods, but you couldn't buy anything, you had to gamble on this card game and win the food. There was also no free candy. I turned right around and dragged the boy out of there.

Woke up, tossed and turned for an hour, fell back asleep.

Meredith, Erin and I were watching a presentation in Dodd auditorium, but there were these two black chicks in front of us making a lot of noise over their cell phones. I started yelling at them. They glared at me and stalked off. The guy giving the presentation applauded me and suddenly I was all popular and hanging out with popular kids (well, the popular girl from Buffy the Vampire Slayer). I left Meredith and Erin there to go downtown with them, but they followed a little after me. Popular girl and I got attacked on our way downtown. Erin and Meredith save us, everyone is happy, hearts and love.
THEN I go to Seacobeck to meet my sister, and I'm like "OMG I had this dream last night about Harry Dresden" and my sister looks at me strangely as I tell her about it. Then an evil sorceress appears and we have to attack her with tennis balls soaked in our tears.

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