Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hooray, drawing party!

I was shopping with Erin and Matt. First we were at Michaels, so I went to the back where the embroidery floss is, and I got some plastic cross-stitch frames. Matt stopped by an aisle where they were selling Star Wars action figures. Then we went through an "employees only" door behind the needlework aisle, and found ourselves in the front of a restaurant. A very small waiter greeted us and grabbed menus to seat us. My parents and I think the Ballards were at the bar. I passed by the short waiter dude with an apology. Everyone started laughing at me for apologizing to the waiter. I was embarrassed and went to the other room, where I met with Ballard and Sheckells. And out of nowhere appear Meredith and Reece. Then we are all provided with crayons and paper and a drawing-party ensues.

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