Tuesday, April 27, 2010

[title here]

I was out at lunch with Erin and Meredith and Matt. There was a woman at the next table over, she kind of looked like my science professor from fall 2008. She was arguing something loudly and obnoxiously, and she was very wrong. I stood up and proved that she was wrong.
Then Erin, Mer, Matt and I left. We were in some sort of market place. Sheckells approached me later and told me that I'd incurred her wrath and that she was going to try to destroy everyone I hold dear. I laughed an said that would never happen. Sheckells looked at me seriously, removed his cell phone from his pocket, pressed a few of the keys, and suddenly I had an aura. It was in the dream, though it almost woke me up.
There was more involving the woman trying to trap me and failing.

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