Wednesday, April 7, 2010


So it was advising time. In this universe Herr Rotter was Meredith's adviser, because they were assigned alphabetically rather than by department. I was confused because Mer has said that she's never seen Herr Rotter before, yet he's her academic adviser, who she's had to meet with once a semester for 6 semesters.
Mer, Erin and I were hanging in my basement, which was also a craft store. Mer had to meet Herr Rotter upstairs. During their meeting I eavesdropped, and something was hilarious because I couldn't stop laughing. Erin was waiting to pick up someone from the airport. My parents were going to take us to the airport to pick this person up, and we were going to drop Anuan off at the airport at the same time. In the car, I couldn't stop reading the new Dresden Files book, but I got out of the car to give Anuan a hug. The person we were picking up was Erin's brother. We then went to a waterpark.

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