Thursday, April 15, 2010

Some dreams

Ok, so.
First dream, I was with my classmates (I don't know what class, but it was a school trip) on a train. Actually it wasn't a train so much as a trolley, a street car. It was raining outside. I was sitting down when suddenly I thought I felt something in my back pocket. I reached behind me and pulled out just less than a handful of live worms. I was absolutely disgusted, and I through them out the window of the trolley. But these worms kept coming out of my pockets. I was stuffing them in the can where I keep my loose change. My class was watching this. Once I had a full can I tossed it out the window. I asked the driver to stop so I could solve this problem. I ran down a staircase that appeared randomly.
Second dream. I went with my cousin to this zoo/aquarium. There was this black and white seal that I wanted to take a picture of but Reece kept sending me text messages so I couldn't use my phone's camera. And I'd left my real camera at home.
Third dream. I was chilling with Erin and Meredith and Mary-Katy and Matt and Titus and Reece. We were walking along next to a lake. We grabbed some sticks, made fishing poles and started fishing. I caught some shrimp-like-things, and a plastic mermaid. Everything we caught melted into goo as soon as it hit the dry ground.

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