Saturday, April 24, 2010

Both wizard Harrys? Gosh, I might be a nerd.

I was in Seacobeck, with Erin and Meredith and Matt, and some doofuses at a table near us were mocking me for some reason. Now, we were all wizards. I tried to prove my magical skill by producing a Patronus without using a wand. Harry Dresden could do it! It was really hard though, even with my most potent happy memories.

Outside there was a second multicultural fair going on. It was reminiscent of that dream with the fest tents on the path lined with trees next to a river, except it was on campus walk. There was a stand selling little statuettes and figurines from Germany. And Erin wanted Chinese food, but the line was too long, and I found a stand that sold bratwurst with German mustard so I bought one of those.

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