Thursday, April 8, 2010

The heat must have something to do with this.

In my dream, I'd slept through Erin's science experiment. I'd woken up to my alarm, but fallen immediately back asleep. And then I'd sleep-walked into the other room and spoken to my uncle about the Ninja Turtles, all in my sleep. Erin called me, I didn't answer. And when she came by looking for me, I was on my feet, nodding off and on. She laughed and told me that I looked very silly. Then the rest of my family came in. My sister had gotten me sleepwalking on video. They watched it, and they were all laughing hysterically. I didn't watch the video, but I heard myself repeating the word "Michelangelo". My sister put the video on youtube. Later, Collegehumor linked to it and I became the laughing stock of the internet. Or I would have, if I hadn't woken up for reals.

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