Saturday, May 31, 2008

Mel and Colleen are coming to visit!

I was hiking with my father and sister to this cabin. When we got to the cabin, there was an avalanche, of course, and we were trapped in the snow. Then this wizard guy appears in the cabin and turns all our hiking supplies into a comfy chair, which my dad sits in.Then I wake up, but not really, I wake up in the dream.I'm at my house, and I've slept through Mel and Colleen's visit, and I am saddened. Then the doorbell rings, and I go downstairs in my pajamas and Mel and Colleen are there and are all like "Geez, Emily!" And I apologize, and ask them how they found my apartment, 'cause suddenly we're in my apartment here. That question is never answered, and we decide to walk downtown. Then I'm like "Fburg is boring, let's go to downtown Eltville instead!" So we get into Mel's car and drive to Eltville, park in front of our old house and walk to the Fussganger Zone. I'm telling them about the ice cream place there and how delicious German ice cream is, and I tell Colleen how to order ice cream in German. Then Mel says "How did I drive here?" and I wake up. Actually wake up.

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