Monday, May 26, 2008

I hate packing.

Ok, so I didn't bring a lamp with me when I came here for summer school. My parents came down to bring me a desk lamp, but then when they got here it turned out I had a bedside lamp that had never been there before. Except we weren't here in my apartment, we were in my bedroom at home. So we already HAD lights. But we needed to find a light bulb for this lamp. We looked all around for a box of light bulbs, which I had brought with me to college. But since we were in my room, we couldn't find it, and we were confused because we thought we WERE here. Then we found a box of christmas lights on my dresser, and I started rummaging through there trying to find something that would fit this lamp. I couldn't find anything. Finally we gave up, and I went shopping with my sister. And we met Jaydeb at the store. Then there was a discussion about something, and the dream changed. Matt Baker found my parents' email somehow and sent them an email about how I had a new address and email address so they should send everything there. And that's why I haven't been getting mail/email from them.

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