Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I wish I had $500,000

I was running errands with my parents in Columbia, Mel asked me to drive out to this one store to pick up something she'd left there. St. Johns Lane goes all the way to Columbia Crossing, apparently. So I did. My mom had given me $500,000 for some reason, but I wasn't complaining. The shop I was going to was an antique store. I picked up the item Mel wanted, and I had to pay for it for some reason. This old crone behind the counter demanded a dollar bill with my name written on it and knocked me over, I said no because she'd use it to curse me and my family. Then something happened that I can no longer remember, I think it was a brief chase scene. Then the shop turned into a GameStop, and I was shopping with Andrew Ballard. I had $500,000, so I was going to buy a nice expensive gaming console. But then we found a Wii on sale for $50! So I bought that. Then we bought Guitar Hero for the Wii. I think the old woman from the antique shop was there again, but then I woke up.

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