Friday, May 23, 2008

It was a really interesting movie

I was watching a movie with my family, my parents, sister and grandmother. It involved a woman who was a recovering alcoholic, and she was getting married, but she got incredibly drunk and her fiance left her at the rehearsal dinner. Then, still in the movie, playing cards started raining from the sky, and they turned into $10 bills, and she wound up with a million dollars. And a pirate, who was her unrecognizable childhood friend, also drunk, started giving her relationship advice and she eventually got her fiance back and they got married. Everything was made of legos. That was the movie. The rest of the dream involved video games.I'd gone shopping earlier that day, and I'd gotten "Dance Dance Revolution, Extreme 2". I really wanted to play it, but my sister was playing something that seemed like a cross between The Sims (except her Sim was the dancing monkey from DDR), Mario kart and Pokemon, and since it's her PS2 she wouldn't let me play. But we'd had a big dinner, so my mother insisted that I play DDR for exercise. My father started playing Madeline's game on the PSP, and I played DDR, and then I woke up.

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