Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Like if Mary Poppins had an Iphone

I was packing up my college stuff and preparing to leave the dorm, while at the same time touring this other was like, my mom and sister were deciding what should be thrown away etc. and packing my stuff while my father and I were looking at this crazy house. This house was in a computer or something, it was on a screen, you would scroll through it with a stylus to find the room you wanted to see, and then it would just materialize around you. Except it wouldn't, because then you had to put the room together like it was a jigsaw puzzle, based on the picture you'd seen on the computer screen. In some rooms it was just objects out of place, and in others you had to put it together like it was a picture, with a wall and a shelf with stuff on it all being one piece. We went and did a few rooms like this, I ran into a few of my college friends. My mom and sister would occasionally interrupt and ask me if I needed X to be packed. At one point we couldn't find the floor to one of the rooms and we had to jump through the floor to the next room, onto a convenient trampoline. The ceilings were very high in this building.And then we went to a restaurant, and I ordered a piece of pie. The waitress told me that by ordering pie I'd won a gift certificate for a free $400 crabcake at this restaurant. Then I found out that the pie cost $300....then I woke up 'cause a gnat flew into my eye.

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