Tuesday, December 16, 2008

This dream brought to you by 2:00 AM ice cream and "The Departed".

First, there was this road trip with my friend Mel. I don't remember too much of this part, except we stopped at a few sketchy rest stations and ended up in a strange city. A year passes, Mel disappears and the dream changes. I'm still in the city, but I've made a new friend. The friend doesn't resemble anyone from real life, she actually more closely resembles Kat from the webcomic Gunnerkrigg Court. She and her mother live in a house that from the outside looks like an abandoned apartment building, but it's very pleasant on the inside. It sort of looked like my aunt's house on the inside if you turned it around, the rooms were rearranged.
At the back of the house, and at the front interestingly enough, there was a fire escape that led into an alley, actually a courtyard surrounded by four identical brick buildings, with some trash cans and cars and general sketchiness. I guess it was like the back of the fine arts complex at UMW, except always dark, much smaller, and much more filled with gunfire and smoke. There were three particular trash cans in one corner on the opposite side of this courtyard that Kat and I usually hung out around.
So, "Kat" was betrothed to a man from this Asian mafia-type gang, and the people would show up randomly to harass us and her mother. We put up with them for a while, but then it turned out "Kat" was pregnant, though to my knowledge she had never slept with the man, or anybody. Then her fiance wouldn't leave us alone. He would come every evening, usually with friends, to find "Kat" and I believe beat the shit out of her. I obviously did not like this.
The dream took a turn for the psychotic when this man brought the entire gang over, and the leader of this gang looked like Genghis Kahn from Disney's Mulan. He was some kind of vampire type thing, who was afraid of the sunlight. He also carried a creepy looking knife and had some kind of Joker-esque contraption on his jacket that released poisoness gas into the air. He started coming over often, only at night, trying to kill us. I at this point in the dream realized that it was always night, like in Dark City. "Kat's" mother, who actually looked like the character from Gunnerkrigg court, would try to reason with them, but they'd always burst in and walk up the stairs looking for us.
Pregnant "Kat" was visibly pregnant by this time, and finding places for us to hide was difficult. We eventually realized that there was a part of the courtyard that they would never look, near the trashcans, and we began hiding there.
There was a brief interlude involving Mel and a beach, a lot of sun and a ferris wheel.
Back to our story, there had been a few fights in the courtyard, some of them actually were about us. Our spot near the trashcans had become unsafe, as Genghis Kahn had begun checking inside them. He'd released his purple gas into our house, and we couldn't go in there anymore. "Kat's" mother gave me a gun and skipped town with "Kat". I determined that this had gone on long enough, and hid in one of the trashcans with the gun, prepared to blow the head off the first person who looked in. I was afraid that this would be "Kat" or some other friend, so I put the gun down by my feet. Genghis looked in, I picked the gun up, and then I woke up.

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