Friday, December 19, 2008

This dream is fueled by Girl Genius and I think The Prestige.

I was at a party, in this very nice building/courtyard right next to a large river. Everyone there was very nicely dressed, Sheckells was there in his top hat, and both of my parents and my sister were there. Also a bunch of kids, my age and younger, who I didn't know but was hanging around with anyway.
My sister had a fight with my mother, and there was this ocean battle between them, involving a barge covered in junk metal, a submarine and a tugboat. My father, Sheckells, and the random teenagers all got on this little party boat and were following the action. Then the barge was about to crash into some other boats and we had to stop it. My sister and mother were still yelling at each other, I joined this other girl and we managed to redirect the barge using the submarine.
We went back to the party, I got some hugs and congratulations for some reason. There was some sort of concert going on that had us awake really late, and we were all incredibly exhausted. I ended up sleeping on this random boy's lap, I think it was Gilgamesh Wulfenbach. When we woke up, in the dream, it was noonish, and the party had continued. There were cookies and other things you might find at the church coffee hour, and randomly placed pizzas, most of them white pizzas. My father was looking around and waiting to go, but I'd just woken up and wanted to hang around more. I went and ate food. Then I woke up for real.

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