Monday, December 22, 2008

A little tour of campus.

I was at school, I'd broken into the Virginia hall lounge and was doing schoolwork in there. A girl I didn't completely recognize, but I think she was from my high school, came in and told me we had to go back to our room, because something had happened to Meredith. We exited the lounge, instead of coming out in the VA hall lobby we were at the top of a staircase. It wasn't even the VA hall stairs, it was the staircase from Melchers, but the door came out of the opposite wall so it also looked like the staircase in the community center.
We went back to our room, which was smaller and much different from our quad, with blue carpet and desks rearranged. It was similar to the room I had with Caitrin last year, except it was in the basement of Randolph and had Meredith and Erin in it. Meredith was passed out on the bed with two or three sketchbooks surrounding her, all with what Erin insisted were mysterious drawings with clues as to what happened to her, but looked to me like random chibis and other standard Meredith art.
We dragged Meredith and her sketchbooks over to Melchers and went into the mac lab.
This is where I forget what happened next.
I woke up because my phone rang. I looked at the caller ID and saw it was my grandmother. Who was sleeping down the hall in the guest bedroom. I figured it was my wake-up call, but it was 3:00 AM, two hours left. I asked my grandmother what was up, and she said in a rather panicked tone "Why did you call me?!" I said "I didn't call you, what do you need?"
Then I actually woke up. It was like 4:45.

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