Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ice cream and swimming in January.

I'm in a class, on a boat. A woman with a black ponytail and lab jacket is reading from a large colorful picture book. I'm daydreaming about this party I want to hold. When I return home, I ask my parents if I could have a bunch of people over, we would go to Soft Stuff and then swim in the pool. My parents are like "Wait, it's January, you're going swimming? We just had snow. Oh whatever, but depending on what the situation is with that pool at the motel, you might want to swim at Sheckells' house." I acknowledge these facts, and I make a facebook event. The first people to sign up are Mel and Ballard. I'm approached by the woman in the lab jacket, who tells me that I really don't want to go swimming out in the cold. She steals a piece of my hair and says she'll make a clone of me, so I don't have to get in the pool. I start to explain why this just wouldn't work, because cloning doesn't work that way, but then I wake up.

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