Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Can I go to Eltville for some pastries?

I was in a building that looked and acted like my high school, except all of the walls and floors were made of red brick, and all of the furniture was made of wood. The cafeteria looked like a 711, but it was lit like a bakery, and it sold delicious pastries, alongside those horrifyingly disgusting Eagle's Nest calzones. I met up with Professor Schrass, to discuss the new Windows Live eaglemail system and how I would rather use my nonexistent website email, I exited the building, and followed Erin to a large RV in the parking lot. This turned out to be our "dorm room", with 2 bunks stacked against 1 wall and another 2 bunk pairing lengthwise behind the driver's seat. All of these beds were taken by, Mary Katy was in the top bunk. I asked if I could stack another bunk on top of it. At first she had no problem with this, but then Adrienne's friend Virginia poked her head out from the bottom bunk and complained about the noise. Mary Katy started complaining as well. Understandably. Because of the lack of room, I'd given up trying to stack a bunk and was now attempting to hang the mattress from the ceiling like a hammock. This RV-sized room had turned from a literal RV into a small, brick, cell-like room. When the mattress failed, I tried to use an ordinary blanket as a hammock. There was not enough room to accomplish either of these things, and Mary Katy was getting rather annoyed. It was decided that we would share her bunk.
I brought my laptop up to the top bunk and started messing around with Ucoz. I mentioned to Mary Katy how I'd like to hear about her trip to Europe. She said "I'm sure you would." and went back to computing.
There was more, I think involving Meredith, but I can't remember it.

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