Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I think I was hungry.

I was on this adventure, with my parents, a small child and the small child's anthropomorphic teddy bear. We were walking on a log in a swamp, the child fell in and I had to save it from this alligator. The alligator turned out to be perfectly amiable. On this adventure, we were working with these 3 people, one of them we knew was going to betray us. I don't remember much, but eventually we ended up in the no such agency. This tall skinny guy, a chef's apprentice, one of the guys we adventured with, stole my father's badge and was trying to get access to all the secrets. We had to stop him. The final confrontation was the chef's apprentice finding his mentor and having a battle in this giant kitchen. My father won. Then we all went out to eat and had a squabble about who owed what on the check.
Then, there was this race going on that anybody could join. We started, it was my grandmother, my mother, my sister and I, in our station wagon. The first part of the race, the first 2 miles or so, you had to obey the speed limit, but after that you're allowed to go as fast as your vehicle will let you. That's what we do, in this Mario Kart kind of way, weaving amidst all kinds of people and cars. Then I end up outside the vehicle. I learn that any sort of wheeled device is allowed, I see people with bikes, motorcycles, electric scooters, roller skates, whatever. I lament my lack of a device and start running. The route of this race goes alongside a river, looked a bit like the bike path along the Rhine, but with more trees. A bunch of cyclists had stopped for a picnic and a drink. I tried to steal what looked like an unused bike, but then this ten-year-old tried to convince me to trade it for his. These bikes had slots, you put an identity card (looked like an old game cartridge) into a slot above the front wheel, and it said whether the bike was yours. The card had the brand name of the bike on it. This ten-year-old had a card that could cheat those things and would say he owned whatever bike. But then this larger male comes up behind me and asks what I'm doing and could he have his bike back. He shows me his ID card which has the same brand name as the guitar. So does the ten-year-old's. but the new guy's card actually matches. I stutter something about thinking it was abandoned, he says it's ok, the ten-year-old leaves disappointed. I continue walking.
I eventually pass a smoothie stand, the first stand in what looks like a giant German fest, with food stands and music. I continue walking and I end up with my mom and sister in this cafeteria. I order pulled pork barbecue and fries, and the woman behind the counter (a black woman who was having trouble speaking) kept telling me to order cole slaw, but I kept not. Eventually I got the clue and did. My mother got a gyro, and looks sternly at me for ordering something unhealthy.
Then I wake up.

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