Saturday, May 1, 2010


I "woke up" cuddling Reece. He was looking at my wall and examining my posters with interest. I gave him a kiss and went back to sleep.
Then I "woke up" again, looked at the clock and saw that we were late for our big important meeting! I didn't know what the big important meeting was about, but it sure was big and important. I met up with my cousin Reilly and her mother to go there, and Erin and Meredith of course came with me. Madeline too, I think.
We wandered through the halls of this hotel, looking for the conference room. It looked like Dodd auditorium. As we got there, some old guys were leaving. We'd missed the meeting entirely. We went to the post-meeting reception dealie and got some food. We listened to the people talking, trying to figure out what we missed. Everyone seemed to agree that whatever the main speaker guy had to say, he was completely nuts and this would destroy us all.
We found out that the guy was giving a second presentation in about 5 minutes, so we rushed over to catch that one. The guy it turns out was a completely mad scientist, probably based on The Merlin from TDF. He wanted to create lightening from the moon to destroy every volcano on earth, and this would somehow destroy all of the vampires.

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